EGX 2015 – Indie Megabooth Confirmed !

egx indie megabooth main

The Indie MEGABOOTH is a showcase of independent game developers working together to bring indie games to the forefront of not only conference goers’ minds, but the gaming community as a whole. We aim to create a network for developers to support each other and to connect them with fans, publishers, platforms and individuals in mutually beneficial partnerships.

With over 70 companies and their games, there is literally no way you will leave without finding your new favorite game. Seriously.

That’s what we in the industry call a ‘metric crap ton’ of games. And not just any games! These games are interesting and innovative and other buzz words as well. We have mobile, PC, console and probably some platforms you haven’t even heard of before.

How’s that for ground level access?

Brag to your friends and go check them out!

Want to ask the developer a question? Go ahead! They’re in the booth and want to talk to you. In fact, we’re all friendly and run the Indie MEGABOOTH on happiness and rainbows.

Come see people work together to make the world a better place for play. (Weird, right?)


Indie MEGABOOTH began with a question – How can we better get indie games in front of players, press, and PAXers? The answer was simple: Build the MEGABOOTH. So we did. 16 studios pooled their resources to compete for attention against the massive AAA studios at PAX East 2012. The result was the Indie MEGABOOTH—the first-ever collective of indie developers to work within a conference to create a unified presence, out-buy the big guys, and look good doing it

Since its debut at PAX East in 2012, the MEGABOOTH has seen incredible growth. Starting with those 16 indie studios, the current count is over 70, with five showcases this year alone. Things are getting out of hand, and they’re showing no signs of stopping.

Starting as a one person passion project, we now comprise two full-time staff, Kelly Wallick and Christopher Floyd, who work around the clock and across the world. Games showcased through our efforts have become top-selling indie titles and even spotlights for console launches at E3. Press, fans, and industry members consistently highlight us as a must-see during events.


Indie MEGABOOTH is coming to EGX!

SO fellow Indie fan’s get your tickets for EGX ready for this September!

SEP 24 – SEP 27, 2015


EGX 2015 – Indie Megabooth Confirmed !
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