Creativerse – Playful Corp. | Review

Creativerse is a solid and interesting take on the sandbox building game genre. Due to the rocketing success of Mojang’s title Minecraft these games are becoming more frequent. Giving players full creative control in a fully destructible and rebuildable world seems to be a real fan favourite. It is totally natural to compare with Minecraft when these games are building their successes from its lead.

With this in mind, I will have to be fair and give you a complete picture.


The Review



Creativerse has a simple, easy to master, control set up. The player movements seem to be fluid and fun, the player controls their character from a first-person perspective. The characters jump at a two block height but will suffer fall damage if they drop from up high.

The game requires the player to craft items to progress. As the player digs, they unlock recipes which allows them to craft. Unlocking recipes allow progression and to dig deeper into the world unlocking higher-tiered recipes.

As the player digs deeper they find themselves digging through “layers” such as Fossil and Stalactite. There are also dangerous layers further down which are Lava and Corruption. The Lava layer has a burning affliction that the player can experience equally the corruption layer has a “corruption” affliction.

The game offers protection to the player from certain status effects through the crafting and use of potions. One further affliction is freezing, however, you can discover this affliction without digging for it. The frozen biomes dotted around the world which you have to explore the world to discover are home to the freezing affliction.

There is only one affliction that has no known protection potion, this is drowning, which is discovered when submerged in any liquid in the game except mineral water.

Upon death, the game will force the player to drop a stone pot, full of their bagged items. This pot can be collected if the player manages to return to the point of death and successfully collect their pot.

Presentation and Graphics

Watching the trailers for Creativerse and looking at the media available It feels like the game has been toned down to make it available for all ages, which is a good move. Showing off its expansive worlds and limitless canvass space means the free-to-play cost totally worth it.

This game does not seem to be graphically intensive, I have been able to run it off a low spec machine and not be too bothered with graphics drop. The game looks smooth and aesthetically pleasing in places.  Some of the cubes are well thought out and are unique enough to recognise from a distance.

The design of the creatures is really interesting and well thought out. Most of the creatures are basic but a few seem to show traits of their natural environments.


Main Features

Creativerse has the expected standard open world, fully explorable, totally destructible setup which a stable with these titles.

Because of the ability to manipulate the world rules, the player can define a large number of factors that other players and themselves will experience while playing in their world.

There is also a well-stocked recipe book of items to create and unlock

The game is fully aimed a cooperative gameplay allowing sharing and publishing worlds for others to play.

This is the blueprint of most if not all of these games, a blueprint so solid you would find it hard to innovate.

The only limit is the imagination of the players.

The character’s creation allows for a lot of creativity with a good number of changeable colourings and looks.

It is possible to glide through the game if you purchase their DLC.

The bag/inventory can only hold 40 slotted items. Again, purchasing their DLC you can increase the bag to 60 Slots.

Includes day/night cycles, temperature, weather, liquids, materials, environmental growth.



The game allows you to build your own world, join others, create adventures or even try adventures belonging to other players.

The game relies on a co-operative play to encourage players to continue.

There is no clear endgame and so lacks motivation for the player when they have unlocked all of the recipes.

However, the game does give you access to the steam marketplace where players share large construction blueprints. Players are also encouraged to upload their own structures to the marketplace.


Level design

The world is massive and feels limitless and endless with the possibilities without overwhelming you.

Exploring the world and digging down or exploring dark caverns and caves add to the fun of exploration.

There are a good number of unique biomes to explore and animal types to hunt down.

The music is quite good, I have not found it to get annoying yet (44 hours in). I would have liked the music to be a little creepier or scarier at times.