[Indie-ducing] – Containment Protocol – Xiotex Studios

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Taking gaming back to simple game play Containment Protocol mixes your imagination, memory and ability to play attention to successfully move forward this game has been designed by Byron Atkinson-Jones otherwise known as @xiotex of Xiotex studios.

The Game

You play as a bomb disposal specialist in control of a remote controlled QuadCopter which can only see where to go using by using Lidar (remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analyzing the reflected light) meaning you only get a limited picture of your surrounding which as the QuadCopter drains it’s energy the signal weakens and less is seen. You really need to be good at mapping your own routes and where everything was, is or could be.


The game requires you to keep tabs of not only where you are going but your power usage and exactly how much power you use to recharge. This is because the doors within the building need the back up batteries to allow you to move through them, draining too much power renders them inoperable and this means you can not move on.


This makes for a very tactical game alone, then the designer mixes in motion sensors and bots that will hinder by draining it’s energy or destroy your QuadCopter completely and to top all this the bomb has a timer too (of course it has).


Here is a small training video

[Indie-ducing] – Containment Protocol – Xiotex Studios
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