So I thought it would be cool to take a moment and take a brief look back at when I attended EXG London last year and my thoughts on the games I managed to get to play. Remember feel free to leave comments I will try and reply as much as possible 🙂

Noaksey @ EGX London – Rewind

So Back from EGX and I thought I would make talk about just some of the games I managed to play in-between networking and promoting my self 🙂 I have a special entry for the Indie games   But this page will cover the few “Triple A” games that I managed to get around to […]

EGX London 2014

Here are my thoughts of the Rezzed Area at EGX London, I attended the event with my brothers XaosWolf  and Altairos Here are the list of games I got to play and other some other random details comments and such 😀 If you wanted to check out the Triple A titles I played click below Game […]

Rezzed Area at EGX London 2015

Well it was July, and this is my third blog about something awesome, centers around something I love; That’s right HYPER JAPAN ! As some of my regular readers of my blog will know I have been to every single Hyper Japan since it’s first, writing about my experiences and those that attend, the new “trends”, […]

Hyper Japan Summer 2014

This year I got myself involved in the Sake Experience as I would like more people similar to me to be invested in and trying sake! Now before you delve into what I thought and felt about the different sake’s at the Sake Experience I would strongly urge you to take some time to familiarize […]

Noaksey @ Sake Experience

The other main reason I came to GEEK 2014 was because of the cosplay masquerade, Cosplay photography is something I am just really just getting into and I am trying (really trying) to snap as many gaming characters as I can, though, they are not the only photos I will take, but I digress. This […]

Cosplay | GEEK 2014

 There were 7 indie developmental teams there showing nine unique indie games, one of which was actually a card game called ‘Insane Robot Battle’ by Playniac who also were show casing a Pre-Alpha PC game called Great Leader.  This game started off easy then progressively became very hard which consistently frustrated me into a frenzy, […]

Gaming | GEEK 2014

Following my passion for all things gaming and geek I decided to go to the MCM Expo London Comic Con 2013. My mission was simple – “take snaps of anyone in gaming related cos-play” – How did I do? well you’ll have to read on! Sunday at MCM Expo London Comic Con 2013 I went […]

MCM Expo London Comic Con – 2013

Sunday This day I decide I was going to go straight to the XBOX One Section and play at least Dead Rising So I immediately headed there to try this game out and to see what the Xbox One was like. It looked like a VCR due to it’s size in my opinion. One note […]

Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Sunday

Saturday I have nothing really to say about Saturday I did decide to record the queue to get in today to just show you how it was like for me getting into the venue. Saturday saw me spending most of my time in the over 18’s area on the first floor. This day it’s highs […]

Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Saturday

Friday The Second Day, due to the large amount of time spent wondering around and finding games etc., this day we were much more focused with the job in hand! This time I decided to be a bit more Recordy. This game is intense and it’s made even more so by using the Oculus with […]

Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Friday

Thursday!!! Eurogamer Expo 2013 Thursday was when we got to experience the quietest day for the event. Now when I say we I attended the event with two other XaosWolf (A fellow YouTube player) and Altairos. Here are the list of games I got to play and other some other random details comments and such 😀 Game […]

Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Thursday

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