April saw the return of EGX Rezzed 2016 and as you would expect I was very excited even tough the weather did not hold out too well and with previous heavy rain causing flooding to the venue meant it had a very cold, damp, misirble feel to it. Something worth a mention was as you […]

Noaksey @EGX Rezzed 2016 Tobacco Docks

Indie MEGABOOTH This is the first time Indie MEGABOOTH (IMB) has been over here in the UK, now it was at Games Com, so it wasn’t it’s first time in Europe. IMB is a collection of hand picked games for gamers to be introduced to something interesting and very playable. The difference between this and […]

Indie MEGABOOTH @EGX – Top 5 Games and Floor Winner

Leftfield Collection Leftfield Collection @EGX typically gets overlooked because of its lack of marketing funds that most of the teams have to grab your attention but giving the whole area some of your gaming time tend to work out in your favour. Not only are these games hand-picked for the show, but, each and everyone […]

Leftfield Collection @EGX – Top 5 Games Played and Floor Winner

It’s happening this week and as so many of you out there might be wondering, [extoc] Well allow me to answer these questions and give you the low down on Indies @EGX Birmingham 2015

Indies @EGX – What to expect!

So those of you unaware this year sees the Indie MEGABOOTH headed to EGX 2015 The submissions for your chance to be on the MEGABOOTH end on the 8th of May So want a chance to be selected? Sign up now Want to know more about what Indie MEGABOOTH is ? CLICK HERE

EGX 2015 Indie MEGABOOTH 3 Days to go!

My first impression was how much bigger the venue was! It was held at Earl’s Court and was upstairs on the Brompton Hall floor which was opposite the West Brompton underground station. Upon taking the escalator up you were immediately given a multitude of directions which you could take. My first thought was to visit […]

Hyper Japan 2012

The Indie MEGABOOTH is a showcase of independent game developers working together to bring indie games to the forefront of not only conference goers’ minds, but the gaming community as a whole. We aim to create a network for developers to support each other and to connect them with fans, publishers, platforms and individuals in […]

EGX 2015 – Indie Megabooth Confirmed !

This is my second time attending this eSports event up in Coventry and as always I go where the Indies show. This spring event was all about the players as usual and this year we see a larger attendance of Indies all showing in the Exhibition Hall. Not only where there Indies, showing their own game […]

Indies @ Insomnia 54 – hosted by Multiplay

So last year I attended GEEK for the first time, so I thought why not look back at that event from last year while I look forward to the next event GEEK 2014 ? About the Event -> GEEK (Game Expo East Kent) My Impressions Gaming @ GEEK 2014 –   Cosplay @ GEEK 2014 –

GEEK 2014 – Rewind

About the Event Game Bridge meets Animex to celebrate the end of the new Animex Indie event. They’re taking up residence in Teesside University’s Hub Students’ Union nightclub to bring us a massive after-party full of indies, developers, games students, outsourcers and many others (me) for an excellent networking event. Georg Backer will be the compere for the evening; […]

Game Bridge x ANIMEX – 2015

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