Battle Among The Stars with MAG Studios’ CDF Starfighter

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CDF Starfighter is a single-player & multiplayer space combat simulator based on Unreal Engine 4 made by MAG Studios.

MAG Studios is a small independent game studio located in the United Kingdom. Founded in May 2013 by Shaun Williams, their tiny studio has seen the release of 2 games on Steam.



MAG Studios have a really focus towards science fiction games and will try to utilise the latest technology such as virtual reality and tracking devices to improve game play and enjoyment.

When asked Shaun about the project he said “We make unique and challenging games which have the fun and replay value of old style games. ”

“MAG Studio’s focus is to create games which are entertaining and also bring back some elements which made great games. Fun and humour are always in the background. We like to have fun with our games and want you to have a few laughs along the way. “

CDF Starfighter is designed for VR from the ground up and is also designed for Head tracking for NoneVR to add immersion and take the old style space combat simulator to a new level. Starfighter is designed to be a pick up and play type game with simple controls and full controller support.



CDF Starfighter blends the best of 90s space combat simulators with next gen technology

Here are some of the recent in game video captures.

21 Jul 2015

CDF Starfighter – Pirate AI Test 2


4 Sep 2015

CDF Starfighter – Space Combat Simulator – Teaser Trailer


9 Oct 2015

CDF Starfighter Alpha Gameplay Video 1 – Simulator Mission – pirates ahoy

Already Greenlit on steam CDF Starfighter is set ready to take off into battle!

Will you be joining the fight? I know I will!




Battle Among The Stars with MAG Studios’ CDF Starfighter
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