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Bath Comic Con – Now open to entries

Bath Comic Con – How to take advantage;


Are you local to Bath Comic Con or could you commute there?

Noaksey is teaming up with Creed Conventions to bring to you Free Event Space for Indies

Are you an Independent Game developer?

We are looking for game developers of all levels to come and take part in the one-day event.

Are you looking for Free Event Space to show your game?

So space is free you get up to 3 tickets for bringing your game to Bath Comic Con and of course you get to get that critical feedback from real gamers and players as well as the other developers showing at this event.

Why not come and take advantage of the free space I have to offer?

No doubt you have questions about Bath Comic Con and so I am available to chat via my discord channel – https://discord.gg/B8WnZjx 

All you need to do is bring or hire your own kit (or through me), a game and your self/team and get the chance to learn and fine tune your craft.

All under the wing of Noaksey!


Sign up now!

Bath Comic Con Sign up