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Are you ready to Become Epic? First off thank you so much for taking the time to check out my website;


The history

I have always really enjoyed being a part of the independent (indie) gaming community. 

I started off my journey when I attempted to make videos to try to entertain, I quickly moved on to and added to this writing up articles and ultimately focused on highlighting newly released titles. As an added bonus I would also regularly attend events to report to you my findings and which games be on the lookout for, I even sometimes covered game jams.

My personal mission was always to encourage people to play games that they may have missed.

As an Independent Game Evangelist, I would help game developers find their market, publishers, missing skilled individuals and events to show their games at.

Whilst I was working on this I quickly realised something.

The concept

Indies need to show their game more

unfortunately for a number of developers this was a very hard thing to achieve as it cost a small fortune to show games at the bigger established events sometimes in the thousands and what if you hadn’t had the chance to show your game before?, hadn’t learnt your pitch?, or even how to engage and that investor you needed was stood at your table, would you know what to do?

This was a worrying factor for me to realise as I was all about creating a strong indie community but my want to help would mean nothing if the game devs couldn’t sell the game themselves and couldn’t grow.

So I took action and started to pitch to event organisers a concept, an idea;

Free event space for Indies.


Your Part

It’s how you help others that ultimately matter

Every pledge given will contribute towards helping me grow the event space and offering within the Indie community and allow me to invest more towards other smaller Indies.

My Part

You didn’t honestly think I was going to do nothing?

With 3.5k Likes on Facebook, 6.9k Followers on Twitter, 2.1k Professional Connections on LinkedIn and over 4k Media Email list which I can tap into. I will do whatever I can to make sure I get games found still, events get advertised.

Why trust me?

I welcome you to check me out, About Noaksey

Look at my testimonials and my report on Reading Comic Con which I self-funded to prove the concept.

thanks for supporting

Power to the Indies!

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Anna Rose



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