Back in front of the webcam

Twitch Streamer Affiliate ten years in the making.

My journey into twitch streaming actually started quite a long time ago. My first attempt to do the live streaming thing happened back in 2012 at the time twitch streaming was in its infancy. There were a few people actually starting to make money and some who were making a living off playing games and narrating playing those games. I felt I had a type of personality that would be suited for that kind of entertainment and so, I got myself a twitch account, a mic, and a webcam and off I went on my journey to become a Twitch Streamer Affiliate.

Dipping my toe into Twitch – 2012

Baby Noaksey faffing in the dark

This was the real year I started trying to stream and also doing YouTube videos at the same time. Despite my enthusiasm for doing it, I didn’t get very far and it didn’t quite work out. Mainly because I didn’t really understand what I was doing I was very nervous (would you believe) and had a lot of things had a lot of personal life stresses that felt insurmountable during this time of my life too. I’m I did manage to wrangle a few viewers here and there and I did have a few follows at the time too but nothing too big but I still found myself struggling a lot with the whole twitch stream thing. In fact, I never got any viewers at all, no matter how much I tried. So I decided to step away.

Up to my knees in Twitch – 2018

It was at this time I made the call to focus on doing blog posts, Twitch and YouTube. My first blog posts were created for a Gaming website I was an active member on. I decided to focus on making YouTube videos where I didn’t feel the need to be on a webcam anymore. This way I could just talk about the games I was reviewing.

I actually got some excellent traction due to a few regular viewers for my videos. Quite a few readers specifically came from the independent games industry. This was because I decided to work solely with Indies. I started to become quite known to the independent scene in relation to my reviews and critiques. I started to give free support and help to those independent developers and companies. It was during this time I managed to achieve one of my earliest Twitch goals of 50 followers I was so excited. Sadly however my streaming during this time came to an abrupt stop due to mental health issues.

Head first into Twitch – 2020

November 2020 saw my third and to date, my most successful Twitch attempt. The difference was this time I didn’t get started alone I actually streamed alongside people I enjoy playing games with. By proxy, I met other streamers who joined me in new games, allowing me to grow and reach more viewers. That help and support actually gave me the confidence to be a little bit more myself, I actually made friends. It is those streamers that gave me the real opportunity to start this again.

This time around it really was such a different experience. It gave me the confidence to continue my twitch stream. If I was, to be honest, I would say that was when it truly started my journey. When asked “how old is your twitch stream” I usually will say it’s almost two years old. Yes, I tried a few times in the past, but, I never did it seriously not like now.

I managed to make real progress now and I’m a Twitch Streamer Affiliate, I have around 500 followers as of writing this I have a really strong lovely community and some really really good friends within other streamers that I talked to on a regular basis in fact and I am absolutely overwhelmed and truly grateful for the experience I’m having now specifically with streaming.