Ace developer finally brings title Bang! Bang! Bang! to Steam

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I am very excited and honestly hyped about this news and writing this post I am very likely to sound like a fan boy and to be honest and in short, I am ! For a very long time have been wanting this developer to get their games on Steam, if only because I truely believe that they are an amazing developer and deserve all the perks that comes with being that, a great developer!

Back Story

I first came to be made aware of this developer when I played one of their titles back in 2013 after one of very first events I attended as Noaksey, the game was is “There Shall Be Lancing” which you can read more about in my reviews from way back when 😉

Since discovering them I have been passionately following the developer closely waiting for more titles to be made and released.

Up to now most of the titles released by this developer have been only made available on their own website and a few game development sites.

So when I saw the news that on the 10th of August they had finally brought one of their titles to Steam, Well, I have to shout about it. For me it’s been a long three years to wait, but an exciting one!

I urge you, fellow Indie fans, fellow fans of game development to get your supporter caps on an upvote this game and it’s developer whom I honestly think is completely underrated !!

GreenLight Campaign

Ace developer finally brings title Bang! Bang! Bang! to Steam
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