A neon football game that Phil Spencer enjoyed that wasn’t FIFA!!

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Warpball is loosely based on the rules of football but adds in teleportation and special abilities. Warpball’s main thematic inspirations for the game are Speedball 2, Monday Night Combat and Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars.

  • Online and local multiplayer: WarpBall is best played with friends, and you can play with them whether they’re in the same room as you or not!
  • Varied Gameplay: Depending on the abilities players select, and the arena you’re playing on, two matches of WarpBall can be very different experiences
  • Character Customisation: Combine any character model, skin and ability to create an avatar that’s truly yours. With procedurally generated skins, your loadouts can be truly unique.
  • Single Player League: Create a WarpBall club and develop them to win the World Championships.
  • Easy to pick up: The basics of WarpBall are fast to pick up, although the game’s depth takes time to master!


Basic Rules

WarpBall is a futuristic evolution of modern football, where each player on the pitch can warp short distances across the map, giving them unparalleled mobility. Two teams face off against each other in either 2v2 or 1v1 matches with the aim of scoring the most points over the course of a match. Points in the game are gained by two methods:

Kicking the ball through the opposing teams’ goal
Bouncing the ball off of all the bumpers located on the pitch, (shown below)
Matches are 3 minutes long, and the winning team is encouraged to gloat as much as they want when the game is over.

Teams can score bonus goals by bouncing the ball off all the bumpers on the pitch


Common Abilities


The main ability that every player has access to is the warp. Players are equipped with short-distance teleportation devices, which allow them to blink across the map in an instant. Players can warp as much as they want, however, when they are in possession of the ball the warp ability is de-activated. This means player have to choose between the mobility their warp gives them and direct control over the ball.

You can warp straight through any obstacles in your way



When playing a standard 2v2 match, players are able to teleport the ball to their team-mate’s feet, so long as their teammate is behind them (like the rules of passing in rugby). This technique, known as a WarpPass makes tactical positioning of both team members even more important.

The WarpPass encourages your teammate to spread out on the pitch




Currently, only 5 abilities are available in the game, however, more will be added before release:



The user can place a special ghost that they can choose to teleport back to over the next few seconds. Users can even snap back to their ghost’s position when carrying the ball.


The user can activate a special wrap that can also teleport the ball if it’s in the path of travel. While players still can’t use this warp when carrying the ball, they can use it to steal the ball from an opponent.



A special shot that is intangible for a short period of time. In certain opportunities, this can lead to easy goals or bumper bounces, but takes some skill to use well.


The user can become intangible temporarily, to pass through other players attacks. Using this ability well takes good timing, but can totally change an offensive

Kinetic Blast


Knocks away all opponents nearby, as well as sending the ball flying away from you. Nothing’s more satisfying than knocking down both your opponents with a well-timed blast!


We’re very excited to be working with the Outtalectuals to source a full 20-track album for WarpBall, from some of their amazing artists. The track used in all our trailers, Kermode’s Interdisciplinary is the first of the many tracks that’ll be appearing in the game.

We’re also working on a little something else, but it’s far too early to announce anything about that yet.


We’ve been running a closed alpha over the last month, and are getting ready for getting the game into more people’s hands to test it and improve it! Both online and local multiplayer gameplay for the first 5 abilities and the first arena is complete, and we have concept art for the new arenas! We hope to release during Q1 2017, and after the final features are finished, the time until then will be spent adding new content to the game (more arenas, modes, abilities and characters).

For launch, our target is for 3 different arena types, alongside 4 character models and 20 different abilities.

Here is a video of Xbox’s very own Phil Spencer playing and enjoying Warpball!


Unruly Attractions is only an indie micro studio, but every member and contributor is passionate and super talented. WarpBall is a much more ambitious project than their our previous work, Standpoint. They want to make the game with help from fans and crowd-funding community members, to make sure that we make the game you guys want to play (and they want to play!). With $40,000, we’ll be able to stay independent, make WarpBall the best project it can be, plus deliver you guys some cool rewards too! Any additional funds will be used for expanding the initial release of extra characters, arenas and abilities!


A neon football game that Phil Spencer enjoyed that wasn’t FIFA!!

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