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10 Second Ninja Indie Game

This mental, fun, fast Ninja led “Puzzle-Platforming” game is clearly inspired by the likes of Super Meat Boy and other such time attack driven skill games.

The first thing you notice while playing this game is the very colourful atmosphere, GameDesignDan (GDD) really focuses on the fun aspect of this game which slowly allows you to progress through to the darker more dangerous levels naturally.


This is a tough game for you completion-ists out there and especially hard for those that love to speed-run games. This game is not very forgiving when it comes to making you work for your time. The faster the time the more stars you will be able to collect.


This means you have to be consistently fast and keep your wits about you when you are avoid the spikes, and other traps GDD has skillful placed to make you suffer if you misjudge that jump or that one move.

I enjoy this game so much and found myself pushing to beat those times but not feeling it was too hard to beat so for me it was the write level of challenge. Marry this with the fact the game will immediately restart you so you can try again straight after you fail / die or only get those 2 bloody stars.

The final thing I’ll mention is the end of level boss battle you have to face in each instance.

You have to face off against Robot Hitler!


So now you have every reason to play this game go get it..

[Indie-ducing] | 10 Second Ninja GameDesignDan
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