What is #IndieDevHour

For over a year now Game Developers across the globe have been seen using the hashtag of #IndieDevHour on Twitter to discuss and highlight their upcoming Indie titles.

But what is it and how does it work?

To best understand it, let’s first see how it all began,

Back in the early months of 2014 a group of developers and fans of Indie development got together to hatch a plan to make a community on line where developers could share and discuss making games. This was to allow sharing content, tips and advice as well as allowing fans to glimpse a peep at new indie titles.

originally founded and hosted by

CheekySpriteStudiosCheekySpriteProjects and Peter Slater

The first few weeks saw the community slowly gain in following as more and more devs took to Twitter to share, discuss and see what’s new in the Indie scene.

The idea was that Game Developers could go to Twitter and using the hashtag #IndieDevHour share their screenshots, ask questions and share experiences with making games.

IndieDevHour is a great place to gain some insight into game making, the projects ongoing, to see what there is out there and what Indie Games to look out for.

There is a website to visit to watch it unfold – http://www.indiedevhour.com/

Not only do you get a countdown to the next #IndieDevHour but you also get to see the last tweets with the hashtag.

They do have a Twitter page and a Facebook page which you can follow but it seems less busy than if you followed the main Twitter tag.

A few additional things have happened since this all broke out and the resources you have available have now increased.

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