Hey guys, Noaksey here actually spending time updating you on what you can expect this coming October.

Reviewing Celestial Mechanica.

With the completion of Celestial Mechanica I feel it only right to write up a bit about the game. In fact I’ll even attempt to get some feedback for you guys from the makers of the game.

Reviewing Eurogamer Expo

With it just finishing I have a ton of stuff I need to put down on paper before I upload it. It is going to take me a while as I have a full time job. Please follow me and I’ll update you when it is ready for you to watch and read.

Normal Noaksey hours

Of course they will be more videos coming but they might be a bit delayed due to the Eurogamer Expo being four full days.

Please stick with me and all will be revealed as and when.

Much love


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