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[UPDATE ] Band Saga – Tokyo Game Show

Earlier this year Rekcahdam submitted an application for a free booth in the Indie Game Area at Tokyo Game Show. Band Saga was one of the few that was selected for a booth!

Rekcahdam is proud to say that Band Saga will be playable in the Indie Game Area at Tokyo Game Show 2014!  If like me you can’t make it to TGS2014? Don’t worry! Here’s a sneak peek video of the TGS Demo:



For those who CAN make it, Rekcahdam is throwing a TGS2014 After Party! He’ll be performing most of t

he tracks from the Soundtrack LIVE alongside a bunch of awesome Tokyo artists! We encourage you to go eat, drink, network and enjoy the musical performances! He’d love to meet all of you!

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This is what a lot of you have been waiting for. Many of you wanted to know exactly how much is was to port Band Saga to PS4 and 3DS. Well, we’ve updated the “Stretch Goals” graphic below with the answers! We will also update the main page’s graphic as well:

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We are going to be honest with you guys. The momentum for the Kickstarter was great in the beginning, but it’s slowed down tremendously. We need your help! If you want this project to succeed we have to work together!


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