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You are the Commander. You are Alex Pieterson. Send squads of hardened agents into alien-infested wrecks in search for valuable salvage. Plan, attack and survive in a deadly sci-fi universe.

Watch Your screens!
Command the action from Alex’s tablet in the real or virtual world. Watch the action unfold in real-time via your agents’ head cams. Always keep your eyes open and your commands at the ready.

Plan, Attack, Survive!
Your tactics mean the difference between life and death for your squad. Run in all guns blazing or flank and distract? With our node-based movement system you set the plan and watch it play out.

Upgrade and Triumph!
That stock gear ain’t gonna cut it forever. Keep the ever-increasing alien threat at bay by expanding your arsenal, sharpening your ship and advancing your agents with a powerful range of upgrades.

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  • Single screen – Play using a single monitor with the trusty mouse/keyboard combo
  • Dual screen – Connect your iPad or Android tablet to command your squad
  • Virtual reality – Experience Salvaged in VR using the Oculus Rift

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  • A detailed universe filled with shady and colourful characters is at the heart of the Salvaged story
  • Pit your agents against the horrors of the universe including; vicious alien beasts, rogue salvagers and a mysterious zombie-like species known as the Shard
  • A fully voiced cast guide you through a carefully crafted plot brimming with mystery and menace
  • Thaddeus, your AI sidekick, guides you through the events of the Salvaged universe but just how much can he be trusted?
  • Infinity Mode – Finishing the main story of Salvaged unlocks Infinity Mode, giving you unlimited amounts of procedurally-generated levels with a whole new AI character
  • A dynamic, virtual command room changes as the story progresses
  • From the start to the climatic end, as the mission contracts arrive from across the universe you decide in which order to complete them
  • Original and dynamic soundtrack composed by LabGrownMusic

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We’ll be providing updates here but you can also find us on the sites and social media channels below. We’re a friendly bunch mind, so feel free to get in touch with us if you’ve any questions on Salvaged.

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