Leftfield Collection @EGX – Top 5 Games Played and Floor Winner

As I wind down and finally start to recover from this years EGX I can now look back at this years event the highs, the lows and the floor champions on each of the three Indie floors.

Leftfield Collection

This area typically gets overlooked because of its lack of marketing funds that most of the teams have to grab your attention, but giving the whole area some of your gaming time tend to work out in your favour.

Not only are these games hand-picked for the show, but, each and everyone is somehow well thought out, interesting and just down right fun, marry this with pretty much zero queuing as well and Leftfield Collection is for you to go  if you want to play something different!

Top 5 Games of Leftfield

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No. 5



This fast place platform, clearly inspired by the likes of Super Meat Boy is for those of you looking for a mobile game to challenge you. For less than a coffee you can grab yourself a copy of this title on most mobile platforms. Your tasked to battle against console corruptions by flicking, clicking and flipping your self through challenging levels of increasing difficulty.

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