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[Indie-Ducing] The Adventure Pals

Grandad buys his grandson a giraffe, boy meets Sparkles the Giraffe, giraffe and boy become pals, they go on an adventure to save the grandad from becoming a hotdog.

Take challenging yet exciting platforming, mix liberally with ridiculous big boss battles, slather on some RPG-style towns and exploration, and you’re on the right track!


The Game

You play as a young boy, whom for their birthday get brought a giraffe, at the celebration an incident happens which the grandad gets ‘Grand-napped’ the assailant threatens the boy that he will turn his grandad into a hotdog.


The Adventure Pals are born!

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Together with the prancing, helicopter-tongue’d Sparkles the giraffe, and the smashing skills of Mr. Rock, you’ll romp (and stab) your way through a whopping 125 levels across five different areas, each filled with towns, minigames, and much more.

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The game was only recently Kickstarted but you can actually play the demo right now


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Game Modes


You and a Pal can team up and fight in your attempt to save Grandad


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  • Explore 5 different areas each of which has 25 levels, a boss, towns, mini games, shops & other quite interesting things!
  • Local 2 player Co – Operative play.
  • 10+ hours of gameplay.
  • Hundreds of traps and enemies.
  • Immersive Story with animated cutscenes with hilarities guaranteed.
  • Adventures, Quests and crazy townsfolk.
  • Giraffe filled good times with happy smiles and family friendly giggles.
  • 1080p 60fps.
  • Gamepad support.



Pre-Order Now!

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