Guest Blogger for VR&AR World

Noaksey is coming to VR & VR World as a guest blogger!

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What does this mean? To find out what this means, what’s happening and more read on!

Normally when I attend a show I will cover the show and cherry pick parts and information I feel would interest you, and this is not going to change 😀

instead this time the show themselves have asked that I cover the show as a guest blogger and this means all the work I do will be shared on their site and then mirrored here.

Noaksey, I am going to the show can we meet? 

But of course we can the best way to d this would be to reach out to me on my social media

What are you covering at the show?

I am covering some set panels and talks you can check out the agenda here  I will update as and when I have confirm this.




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