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#Gamersunite ! – Bring back Tomb Of Rooms!

So this is a piece asking for your support, but not to support me to support a very deserving team

Idle Creations

Tomb of Rooms is a third person survival horror / dungeon crawler
for 1-2 players split screen co-op.
Players must ascend a tower full of increasingly difficult, randomly generated levels,

Using limited light and limited weapons.

It was developed a while ago and still hasn’t seen the light of day, why you ask?

The team consists of three which where only able to work on this title through donations.

It is created by 1 programmer and 2 artists, and is currently in pre-alpha limbo.

As such, it is very much still in development, and may well have the odd bug here and there.

This is a Project I feel deserves our help and if we can club together depending on funds, they hope to release an new update and maybe a full version of this fun game.

Updates will include new environments, weapons, features, monsters etc. and will be available to those who donate.

Want to play this game yourself?

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Click here to go to the download page.

Latest update 31-10-14: v0.30


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If you like Tomb of Rooms, please do follow the ongoing development of the game.

They want to be constantly expanding and improving it, and would love to hear your feedback!

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