Free event space for Game Developers

About two years ago around the time, I started my patreon (  I vowed I would have more events available for game developers and most of all I would do whatever it took to make it free to demo game at these show. I even went as far as to offer a goal where if I could raise £4,500 I would run an Indie event with that in mind.

Unfortunately, my patreon hasn’t seen many backers and so instead of blaming everyone else I got off my arse and went out to find locations, events where I could find this space and I won’t lie everyone I spoke to wanted at least £10 – 15k for an area for this to happen.

so I set my site at upcoming events, new events and found Fanzone Events, there were running a Comic Con in my home town of Reading and so I approached them.

Cut a lengthy negotiation short I have found the space I was looking for.

For every developer that signs up and comes along, you will get;

  • Free space
  • Free refreshments
  • A green room
  • The ability to sell your games POS at your stand


And so comes to the hard part and where I need the most help I have these few events to fill

URGENT – Aylesbury Comic Con – 5th – 6th August 2017 (sign up here)

Guildford Comic Con – 2nd – 3rd September (Sign up here)

Reading Comic Con – 25th – 25th November 2017 (sign up here)

Bath Comic Con – 17th March 2018 (Sign Up TBC)

and likely more to come