Space Ape Games Londons Best of 2017 Indie Dev Influencers Junket

[EVENT] Space Ape Games present Indie Dev Influencers Junket

Space Ape Games are launching in London the first ever, Indie Dev Influencers Junket.


Mon, 30 Jan 2017, 16:00 –

Tue, 31 Jan 2017, 04:00 GMT


It’s shaping up to be an exciting event with some massive Youtube channels attending including SSSniperwolf (4.3m subs), Team Epiphany (1.8m), Kwebbelkop (6.2m), MasterOv (2.4m), Galadon Gaming (1.3m), Godson Gaming (1.8m), The Alvaro845 (2.5m), Jelly (5.7m), Azzyland (677k) and dozens more reaching tens of millions of subscribers.

On the developer side we already have 10 of the most exciting European mobile game studios and a growing list of indies who’ll be making a big splash in 2017.


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There will be two parts to this event:


SNEAK PEEK: 4 to 7pm: Influencers and Selected Game Studios by Invite Only

In this session Influencers will get a sneak peek of the most interesting games launching in 2017 and a chance meet the developers and designers behind them. We’ve hand picked some of the most creative and exciting studios from Europe to introduce to some of the most influential people in the gamer community. This is a genuine opportunity not just to find out about the next big thing but in some cases also influence development of the game and discuss deep integrations or partnerships directly with the decision makers.

The afternoon presentations commence at 4pm at Space Ape Games; opening with a keynote from studios as well as a panel MC’d by Galadon Gaming, with the top influencers including MasterOv and SSSniperwolf discussing the most effective way to work with game companies. This will be followed by a two hours ‘Games Fair’ where influencers can talk directly with the developers and try the games. There’ll be private rooms for event sponsors / confidential conversations, and an open plan area for indies.


PARTY: 7pm to late. Open invitation to the Games, Indie and Youtuber Community

All gamers by hobby or profession welcome.

At 7pm we will be joined by the top gaming companies in the Industry where the real party will get started! Food, drinks & 8-bit DJ OSkill8; a night not to be missed in our Central London Space Station.

Spaces are limited so please RSVP.


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