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The Promethium armada is headed to Earth, leaving a toxic trail of destruction in its wake. Commander Braybrook, it is your mission to take up the experimental deep space fighter and stop the armada before it reaches us – YOU ARE OUR ONLY HOPE!

Inspired by classic Commodore 64 and arcade games, Promethium is a hard-as-nails retro inspired side-scrolling shoot-em-up that takes place over numerous levels that get harder and harder. If you’re after a nice calm casual game this isn’t it!


Fly left and right over the Promethium armada ships. They have shield generators protecting them. Hover over a shield generator to hack and disable it. Once all the shield generators are disabled a self destruct code will be sent to the armada ship causing it to explode.

It won’t be easy though, each armada ship has defences in the form of fighters, tanks and turrets. They will do their best to stop you. Every time you shoot one of these defences it will leave behind a power-pod. Collect these power pods to enable power-ups on your experimental fighter. Each power-up costs and there are 8 possible power-ups. The first power-up costs one power pod while the last power-up costs eight power-pods. Spend power-pods wisely!


Promethium can only be played on a joypad.

The left analog stick controls moving around. Promethium is a bi-directional scrolling shoot-em-up which means you fly left and right.

You can fire using any of the triggers or bumpers.

You can select the current power-up to buy by pressing the ‘A’ button or the closest to the ‘A’ button on whatever controller you are using, it’s the bottom one.


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