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[Aylesbury Comic Con] – Elemental Flow – Confirmed

Elemental Flow is a PC/Mac game about understanding other people. Players take on the role of an Elementalist, someone who can imbue her words with elemental attributes to be able to communicate more effectively with others. This is especially important to help people who are in a state of Discord, which renders all of their words hurtful or otherwise negative.

Elemental Flow is a role-playing game (RPG) with active encounters. Players will explore photography-based environments in a fictional world inspired by real cities, learning more about each city’s hardships from its residents. Encounters are active and involve the player using a variety of abilities with the right timing and execution. Abilities correspond to one or more elements (fire, water, air, earth) and can involve talking, listening or thinking, all the while letting the other person express themselves as well until you both reach an understanding.

Elemental Flow aims to uphold what many people love about RPGs (high levels of customisation, interesting worlds and characters, encounters with varying challenge levels) while housing a different kind of story – one that doesn’t centre on violence, but rather on communicating with others.



Tea-Powered games were founded in 2013 by Florencia Minuzzi and Dustin Connor, after having finished their PhDs (in mycology and computational neuroscience, respectively) and dabbled in writing and game design. With a desire to bring some of their perspectives into a medium they cared about, they started working on Dialogue: A Writer’s Story, which explores both the writing and research process. Their second game, Elemental Flow, uses elemental abilities as a form of symbolic, active conversation, with the ultimate goal of reaching an understanding with other people.



  • Narrative game divided into multiple acts, each taking place in a different city
  • The story and mechanics focus on communication, helping and understanding other people
  • An RPG without violence, where your main form of interaction is through conversations
  • Captures a new, fast-paced and symbolic approach to conversation
  • Customise your abilities and create different setups you can switch between on the fly, to converse in your own way
  • Unique photography-based art style

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