About Noaksey

Noaksey is an Indie Game Evangelist who only wants to help spread the word of indie games to anyone willing to listen.

His Main Content Sites;



Currently, runs his blog by himself in his spare time.

He also regularly attends events which he self-funds.

Noaksey’s Testimonials

“Noaksey is a constant source of positivity and support and continues to push us towards better and better products.”
James Morgan III, The Indiebox
“The Indie dev community is about making friendships, not just contacts. Every Indie dev needs a friend, what better friend could you have than Noaksey”
Quang DX, Asobi.tech
“A great supporter of indies, finder of hidden gems and one of the nicest journalists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting”
Danny Hayes, Delve Interactive
“Noaksey is super enthusiastic, well connected and fun to work with”
Owen Harris, bitSmith Games
“Noaksey is as much a supporter of developers and the industry now (as an established influencer) as he was getting started. It’s a pleasure to know him.”
Tom Beardsmore, Coatsink Software
“brutal, honest, feedback you can trust”
Travis Ryan, Dumpling Design
“Noaksey was there for us when we were just starting out and announcing our first game. His coverage helped us out loads and his articles were always of great quality. The indie dev community needs more people like him!”
Stephanie Bazeley, TeamJunkfish
“Noaksey is incredibly good at what he does, because he takes both the game and the developers behind it into account. It’s been great to work with Noaksey because of the feedback he provides through his critical look at our work, which can be of incredible value to us as game developers.”
Vlad Micu,VGVisionary
“Noaksey has always been a big help to our studio and is widely regarded as a valuable member of the indie game community in the UK”
James Pearmain, Massive Monster
“Noaksey is annoyingly good at finding the best Indie Games”
Phi Dinh, Tiny Keep
“Noaksey knows his craft, is a great guy to work with and super enthusiastic about indies. Talking as a German: I would have a beer (or more) with him at any time!”
Mischa Strecker, Black Forest Games

Noaksey’s Patreon

Want to know more about the Patreon I’ve set up?

I have really enjoyed being a part of the indie gaming community for the past three years. I make videos to try to entertain, write up articles and highlights on newly released titles and regularly attend events to report to you my findings and which games to look out for, I even sometimes cover game jams.

One of my personal missions is to show people games that they may have missed. This means that at times instead of covering one of the popular games, that everyone else seems to be playing, I instead like to show hidden gems that may have gotten lost within the indie game scene.

As an Independent Game Evangelist, I try to help games developers market their titles. I can do this in a number of ways, whether directly supporting them myself or offering them connections and solutions to allow the developers to help themselves.
With 3.6k Likes on Facebook (of which 3.5k following updates), 6.5k Followers on Twitter, 1.8k Professional Connections on LinkedIn and a 4k Media Email list which I can tap into. I will do whatever I can to make sure I get games found.

Every pledge given will contribute towards helping me grow within the Indie community and allow me to invest more towards other Indies.

As Noaksey I often will need to give my opinion or critic on a game which I will always do to the best of my abilities. This, in turn, has to lead me to be invited to be a judge for Pocketgamer’s Big Indie Pitch and The Very Big Indie Pitch
And the support I can give to Indies doesn’t end there either as I also support Indie Game development through Kickstarter. I was actually one of the first Indie Game supporters to earn the title #Superbacker on Kickstarter.You can check out my Kickstarter Profile to see all of the projects I have supported. I have personally backed and even have helped most of these at some level, all publically available.
https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/noakseyI have recently partnered with PIXELFUNDER and Indie launchpad to help support and get indie games found.

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